Cottage rentals in Nornäs - Lövnäs



Lövnäs is situated at Lake Vansjön 46 kilometers north of Älvdalen. The location offers e.g. a bathing place, rowing boats for rent and put & take fishing. During the annual culture and handicraft week in July, Lövnäs has its own day, when approx. 30 craftsmen show their production of e.g. vegetable dyed fabric and knifes. These fine pieces of craftsmanship can also be purchased all year round


Situated 59 kilometers north of Älvdalen, Nornäs has a beautiful location at Lake Noran, with a nice bating place and hiking trails. All our cabins lie close to the lake, which is a good starting-point for longer and shorter canoe trips and is known for its good fishing


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