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Väsa och Västäng

Väsa is situated five kilometers south of Älvdalen. This is also where Wäsabergen, a ski and activity center, is situated, thus a perfect starting-point for summer as well as winter activities, e.g. canoeing, climbing, cycling, fishing and skiing. The top of the mountain Väsagnupen offers an amazing view overlooking Älvdalen, the river Österdalälven and Lake Siljan in the distance. The beautiful scenery can also be seen from the cafe located here.


Västermyckeläng, or Västäng as the locals call it, is one of the largest villages in Älvdalen, situated only a few kilometers from Älvdalen. Älvdalen´s oldest carpentry works is located here, as well as the New Porphyry Works, established in 1897. A guided tour is recommended.



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